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I have been inspired to update our personal website for a few reasons.  One is I enjoy trying to be creative with new tools and ideas.  Another is the tool that I have used on my earlier sites is no longer supported by the supplier.  It still works but is a bit cumbersome by today’s standards.  And, our previous site has a lot of stuff on it that I want to keep there, but the site is getting a bit convoluted to navigate.  Here is the link to our original site if you care to see it. 
Life sure is good!  Emma gave this small pillow to us when we moved into our apartment in May 5, 2005. The girls frequently “refill” it with hugs and kisses.
This is “Him & Me.”  It has become sort of a symbol for Helen and me because of our closeness and northern roots.  We attended an outdoor festival in Florida a few years ago and this rather odd looking fellow approached Helen and asked her name.  She paused a bit then replied “Me.”  When he asked for my name she replied “Him.”  Later in the day we attended an outdoor theater at the festival and the odd looking fellow was the host.  When looking for candidate actors to come up on the stage he called us by name, “Him & Me.”  It stuck.


Dateline July 2009:  Melissa is very busy homeschooling our three grandaughters and maintaining a busy home business with “Creative Memories”, a scrapbooking company.  Husband, Steve, continues his work at Merrimack College where he is a chemistry professor.  The three girls keep busy with dance, scouts, and church activities.  Our  son, Michael, is a manager at Airmar in Milford, NH.  Their primary product is design and manufacture of transducers for maritime use.  Wife, Heather, continues to teach health education at Pinkerton Academy (High School.)  Their two children are busy with scouts and equestrian activity.
So, just what is home?  To some, it is the first page in a web site.  To others it is often referred to as “Home is where the heart is.”  Helen and I subscribe to both.  We have accumulated three homes in our lifetime, which sounds a bit extravagent but understand that this all occurred over many years and we did a LOT of the construction and renovation work ourselves.  It started in Plaistow, New Hampshire in 1968, two years after we were married.  We had a local builder construct a “standard” expandable Cape Cod style home.  Expandable means that the upstairs is unfinished.  We had him build an oversize one car garage to house our one car and 14-foot boat (conservative me with “great foresite” thinking that we will never have more than one car...yeah sure.)  The house served us well for nearly 40 years but for a few years we could have used a few acres and a barn to house our six cars, a boat, a camper, and a motorcycle or two!  To save a buck, we did all the interior painting and expanded the upstairs ourselves.  Over the years we did many other interior and exterior mods ourselves so that we can truely call it “home.” In 1970 Melissa was born and in 1972 along came Michael.  Two children, one of each kind, perfect, there will no more expansion of our family.  We enjoyed camping, boating, fishing, and snow skiing among other family activities.  We were especially hooked on skiing and in 1970 we bought a piece of land in a small, little known ski area in western Maine called Sunday River.  It took us two years to decide that we could “afford” to build a small chalet style house.  With a LOT of help from family and friends we managed to construct and close in our 24’x24’ chalet in just two weeks without a professional builder; just a bunch of young, ambitious engineers.  Amazing what you can do when you are young!  We worked on finishing it in time for the next ski season.  We’ve had an unbelievable number of guests stay and play with us there over the years.  We certainly can call this little piece of property “home” too. As we have moved along in years, the snow and cold of New England winters has become less appealing to us. We looked south and in 2001 we purchased a modest condominium home in Florida.  It was a turnkey property; adequately furnished by the previous owner.  Helen and I have done a significant amount of customizing it to our taste.  We occasionally spend some time there.  We have become very active in community activities and have many very close friends there.  Our heart is in Florida, Maine, and New Hampshire.  So we have three “homes.”  The following pages will give you an idea of why we call them “home.”
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